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Illuminated: School Chemistry Cultural Collection Projection

Illuminated: Stories from the Chemistry Cultural Collection

This exhibition brings together lamps, instruments, and materials used by chemists throughout the history of the School of Chemistry, and drawings by artist Peter Sharp in response to these items to illuminate and elucidate the secrets of the Universe. The evening included a MUCS public lecture delivered by Dr Renee Beale, Manager & Curator of the Chemistry Cultural Collection, and Peter Sharp, 2015 Chemistry Cultural Collection resident artist, followed by the exhibition viewing. Visitors were also treated to a series of artwork projections onto the exterior of the Chemistry building.

An interesting quick turn around project. Dr Renee Beale, Manager & Curator of the Chemistry Cultural Collection contacted me via an ex NGV work colleague to help with a projection for the artist, Peter Sharp. Peter had created content with video/stills for the projection.

Content was ready and a Epson Z series projector was on its way from Sydney. All that was required was for me to plot the projection distance, secure power and house the projection during one of Melbourne’s wettest months. Melbourne Uni supplied a marquee and power quite smoothly.

Due to timing difficulties we missed the dry run for alignments etc.
So it was doing an alignment with the contrast all the way up with a grid pattern before city twilight to get a sense of the keystone and four corner correction.
It went off without a hitch.

It was the first time I’ve used these Epson projectors – they’ve got a similar warp to the old NEC projectors – only brighter and better.

Production Credits:

Lead Artist: Peter Sharp
Project Manager: Dr Dr Renee Beale
Facilities Manager School of Chemistry: John Pedrick
Projection Technician: Ian Corcoran


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